przeprowadzkiA separate branch of ATS Transport is an express bridge of shipping between UK and Poland, operating since 2006.

Regularly once a week, we organize transfers in both directions: loadings in Poland: Monday – Thursday, deliver time in UK: Friday and Saturday. Loadings in UK: Friday – Sunday, deliver time in Poland: to Wednesday next week.

We specialize in direct on wheels deliveries, i.e. the same vehicle that collects a shipment in either England or Poland, delivers it directly to a consignee in another country.

Heavy loads, large dimensions, removals, we price according to following rules:

  • Furniture, large household appliances, radio/TV, large garden equipment etc., we price according to price list or dimensions
  • Cardboard boxes, sacks, bags, suitcases – according to weight price list
  • Light loads and large dimension we price according to principle 1 cubic meter = 75GBP
  • Small but heavy loads we transfer already from 0,65GBP/1KG.

Consignments up to 30 kg, consignment and its components:

  • * Standard consignments: weight of each component: up to 30 kg. Length: up to 2m. Total of dimensions: up to 2m. (length+ width +height).
  • Consignments in cardboard boxes of regular shapes and tightly filled with
  • ATTENTION: each non-standard component, we price individually
  • The final price for shipments consisting of multiple consignments is the sum of the weight of all the components multiplied by the rate given in the Price List.

Reception and delivery POLANDReception and delivery:

  • Door-to-door system
  • Deadline for reception/delivery is determinate by submitting the order
  • Deadline for delivery does not exceed three working days from moment of giving

Order of courier:

  • Over the phone/SMS at the available phone numbers
  • After consultation with the Sales Department, you could also order a permanent load

System of charge:

  • Consignments including envelopes and parcels up to 30kg, we calculate according to our Price List
  • By mutual agreement, we evaluate shipment of large dimension, non-standard shipment or entirely removals. We strive to treat each Client’s needs individually.

Area of our activities:

  • PL – all over the country
  • London and its area
  • Trips outside of our standard area of operations are to be agreed by phone.